Southern Launch

Undertaking the Bushfire Risk Assessment and writing the Bushfire Response & Emergency Management Plans for the proposed sites to be developed for the Southern Launch project on the Eyre Peninsula. We are proud to have ongoing involvement with this project, liaising often with Southern Launch regarding changing requirements and additional strategies to mitigate bushfire risk…

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Australian Walking Company

We were involved in the writing of the Bushfire Response Plan for the proposed Kangaroo Island Lodge Walk – utilising our expertise in bushfire behaviour to regenerate tourism and business for an area heavily affected by the 2019/20 Summer bushfires.

Adelaide Uni

We were contracted to conduct an assessment of bushfire risk, review the previous emergency response plan, develop campus-specific bushfire mitigation strategies, and create a schedule of bushfire mitigation works.
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

Troppo Architects

We were involved in this project to provide early BushfireRisk Assessments for multiple sites. Commissioned to review the potential bushfire risk and assist in determining the preferred sites which would have minimal vegetation clearance needed and lower Bushfire Attack Level. This early engagement has meant the team at Troppo Architects has been able to create…

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Bushfire Risk Assessment

Flinders University

We have conducted risk assessments of the different precincts within Flinders Uni and the risk posed by bushfires to each different area. We have provided reports detailing identified works to mitigate risk to the University and conducted audits of these reports during the course of our affiliation with the Flinders staff. We are proud of…

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Central Lands Council

We provide annual training in Firefighting Operations, Prescribed Burning and Aerial Incendiary Burning which assists our clients in undertaking a larger prescribed burn program on Country to assist and improve safety for Ranger Groups in reducing bushfire risk. This continued relationship reduces the bushfire risk to a large area of the Aboriginal Land Trust, which increases the ability to generate income from carbon projects and protect community infrastructure, assets, and sacred sites from bushfires.

Northern Land Council

We provide annual training in firefighting operations, prescribed burning and aerial incendiary burning which assisted our clients’ undertaking a larger prescribed burn program on the country to assist ranger groups to reduce bushfire risk.
Our clients

We are proud to work with

Clearpath vegetation

Specialising in large-scale vegetation management and land clearing.

Our goal has always been to help local landowners, councils and governments make better use of land and also reduce fire risk.

North Australia Bushfire Solutions

Providing bushfire training and consultancy across all of North Australia

North Australia Bushfire Solutions is our sister company, operating out of Darwin and providing Northern Australia with expert bushfire consultancy services and training.


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