Emergency Management Training

SA Bushfire Solutions offers a range of training units in Emergency Management across all experience levels through our partnership with Registered Training Organisation FIREGROUND Leadership and Training (RTO 41245). FIREGROUND is the only AFAC licensed and ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) authorised private commercial provider of the AFAC Basic Bushfire Awareness (BWA), AIIMS (ICS) and full training within Australia.

Our certified trainers have a minimum of 20 years of operational experience in Emergency Management throughout Australia and internationally, and possess expertise gained from all types of hazards and incidents.
We specifically contextualize training units to our clients’ operational capabilities, policies and procedures. Our hands-on, practical training is tailored and focussed on clients’ needs and is therefore not considered “off the shelf”. We also offer after service support and mentoring.

Training Units for Everyone

This comprehensive range of training units delivers something for everybody. Landowners can learn more about how to properly plan and execute prescribed burns. Business owners and their staff can receive training on incident management, ensuring they’re equipped to deal with emergency events.

There are also plenty of advanced units on emergency management planning and response, as well as specific firefighting training. No matter what your level of awareness or experience, you can benefit from our bushfire training packages.

Indigenous Training

SA Bushfire Solutions has a long and proud association working with Indigenous groups and communities throughout Australia to assist and develop Bushfire Mitigation Programs and provide hands-on training. We have conducted Indigenous Training on Country within the APY Lands, Pine Creek, Borroloola, Bulgul, Alice Springs and Darwin for the Central Land Council, Northern Land Council and various Indigenous Ranger groups.

Our training is tailored to the individual needs of the Community or Ranger groups and provides them with the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake their own bushfire mitigation works to protect infrastructure, environment and cultural sites. It also allows them to trade on the Carbon Markets by undertaking early season prescribed burning providing another income source and additional employment.

We keep class sizes small to ensure adequate interaction with all students, and we have an understanding of the importance of cultural burning. The training is delivered on country utilising community resources and equipment. This ensures participants become familiar with their own equipment and can participate in a supportive environment surrounded by their peers and family. We offer a flexible and supportive learning environment and provide adequate opportunity for practical exercises including prescribed burning and four-wheel driving. This approach ensures a positive learning environment with increased active participation.


Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

A Bushfire Attack Level is a measure of the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact in a bushfire event

Bushfire Survival Plans

If you live in a high bushfire risk area, developing a Bushfire Survival Plan is crucial to you, your family’s and your property’s safety and survival.

Property Risk Assessments

Our property risk assessments are designed to identify potential risks and show you how to improve your bushfire safety.

Working on Fire is a national company operating throughout Australia. We only employ and support consultants who have the highest of skill and integrity. When we approached SA Bushfire Solutions to help us with some projects in Northern Australia it came about because of his knowledge and ability to work in remote areas with no supervision We would have no hesitation to recommend and use SA Bushfire Solutions into the future.

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