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Black Hawks elevate South Australia’s bushfire defence


Here at SA Bushfire Solutions, we are always keeping up to date with the latest news around bush fire fighting and prevention. We found this great article around the revolutionary bushfire fighting done with the help of Agile Black Hawk helicopters.

Bushfire Safer Places


If you live, work or travel in an area where bushfires can occur you need to be aware of where you can relocate to if you are threatened by a bushfire. The South Australian Country Fire Service have identified places that can offer relative safety from a bushfire.

To find out more about Bushfire Safer Places visit or via the link below.

New CSIRO model to predict eucalypt bushfire behaviour will save lives


There are many different factors that go into predicting bushfire behaviour. Check out this news article from farm online if you would like to read more about the CSIRO and the NSW Rural Fire Service’s newly released model for predicting the speed and behaviour of eucalypt forest fires.


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