If you live in a high bushfire risk area, developing a Bushfire Survival Plan is crucial to your, your family’s and your property’s safety and survival. As the CFS says, why risk it? In an emergency, it’s too late to consider your options when your emotions may negatively impact your ability to think strategically.

Unexpected things happen in an emergency

Bushfires don’t happen at a convenient time when all family members are home and accounted for… What if it’s the weekend and you’re not home? What if the children are at school? What if you have house guests or pets? Your bushfire survival plan needs to work in different situations and adapt to changing circumstances.

Tailored plans

At SA Bushfire Solutions we don’t just use a common model or template, we take into consideration each client’s unique situation and prepare plans with the whole family in mind. Once we have a thorough understanding of your specific circumstances, we can tailor a comprehensive Bushfire Survival Plan that will detail how you can prepare and the specific actions you should take, whether you plan to stay and defend or plan to leave.

This written plan will help you understand all necessary information to assist you in safeguarding your home and will detail the actions each family member will take on fire-risk days and in the event of a bushfire.

We can help you consider & plan for:

  • Potential bushfire behaviour
  • House & property preparation
  • Understanding of fire danger ratings, bushfire warnings & messages
  • Understanding of your own risks
  • Considerations for leaving early on High Fire Danger days
  • Capacity to stay & defend a bushfire
  • Personal safety
  • Physical & emotional capacity
  • Preparation of a Bushfire Survival Kit

Already have a Bushfire Survival Plan?

It is essential to practice your Bushfire Survival Plan regularly, as well as review it each year. Family circumstances change, and so should your Bushfire Survival Plan. As bushfire management experts, we’re always up to date with the latest advice and emergency management techniques, so we can review your existing Bushfire Survival Plan and advise on any changes that may be required to increase your chance of survival.


Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

A Bushfire Attack Level is a measure of the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact in a bushfire event

Indigenous Training

SA Bushfire Solutions has a long and proud association working with Indigenous groups and communities throughout Australia to assist and develop Bushfire Mitigation Programs and provide hands-on training.

Property Risk Assessments

Our property risk assessments are designed to identify potential risks and show you how to improve your bushfire safety.

We engaged Brett to conduct vegetation management and a BAL assessment while we were having planning difficulties with the Council, CFS and other agencies. Brett’s expert advice and vast knowledge is allowing us to progress with our build and obtain a BAL rating that accurately matches the risk our property presents. His BAL assessment report is one of the most detailed and thorough reports I have seen compared to other agencies we have been dealing with. Brett was professional, on time and performed the required work at short notice and to a high standard that we were after.

I would highly recommend to anyone building in a high bushfire area, requiring BAL assessment or vegetation control to contact him first before approaching anyone else.

Jonathan Harris Adelaide Hills, SA


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